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We are open from 8 am to 12 midnight everyday except Christmas.

To change or cancel an order, please call your local store:

FAQ --------

What is Yummy?

We are your grocery store that delivers in about 30 minutes! We deliver a complete selection of groceries including fresh meat, fresh produce, fresh deli foods, packaged grocery, liquor, beer, wine and tobacco items.
What happened to HomeGrocer?

Answer: HomeGrocer brings back a lot of great memories from the go-go days of the Internet boom. We decided to change our name to to help new customers distinguish our on-demand 30 minute delivery service from the old-fashioned next day delivery service HomeGrocer started back in 1997. Many customers are nostalgic for the HomeGrocer brand, while many others are enthusiastic about the change and our focus on the future of grocery delivery. In any case, we�re excited to offer our service as
Do you really deliver in about 30 minutes?

Yes! It's hard to believe, but if you order right now, we will be at your door in about 30 minutes.
How can I pay?

We accept cash, and most major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard and American Express. We do not currently accept Discover.
Do drivers accept tips?

Yes, our drivers are grateful for your generosity.
Can I schedule a delivery?

Yes, if you don't want you groceries right now, you can schedule a delivery for any 30 minute window that's convenient for you.
What do I do if I lost my username and/or password?

Click here, or call your local store!
What is your return policy?

We guarantee your satisfaction and will exchange or credit you for any item you're not satisfied with.
What happens if I leave my cart before checking out?

Don't worry, we'll save the items in your cart for you. You can build your order over time and submit it when you're ready.
Why don't you sell produce by the pound?

We individually price all of our fresh produce items so it's easy for you to know exactly how much your order will cost. With us, there are no surprises!
What is your minimum order?

We have a nominal $17.50 minimum order.
Do you accept checks or food stamps?

Do you accept manufacturers' coupons?

How can I apply for a job at Yummy?

Email your resume to us at
How can I contact Yummy headquarters?

Yummy HQ can be reached by email at In the alternative, you can send a fax to us at 323-969-9276.
How can I request a product?

Simply mention it to your telephone operator or email us at

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Home OverviewAbout UsHelpYour AccountContact Us is your neighborhood grocery store that delivers in about 30 minutes! We offer a complete selection of fresh produce, fresh meat, freshly prepared foods, packaged, gourmet and organic groceries, liquor, beer, wine and tobacco items that are all available for delivery to your home or business in about 30 minutes.